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Today National Conferance on "Rashtriy Hindi Parishad" Held on 13th & 14th February 2015 organized by U.G.C Kholeshwar Mahavidhyalaya ,Ambajogai.


Dnyanopasak Mandal ( Literary Association ) :

This is a forum for the students who are interested in the art of public speaking like debating, elocution, discussion , participation in these activities make it necessary for you to be knowledgeable about different matters, topics, issues of social and national importance.

Kalopasak Mandal ( Cultural Association ) :

This forum takes care of students urge to participate and develop the artistic side of their personality. This college and its students have a reputation of earning name in youth festival of the university and other activities e.g dancing, acting and singing are some of these arts.

Balopasak Mandal ( Sports Association ) :

This is a forum for sports activities. This is a forum through which the college has been able to send a number of students to the state level and national level competitions. A good number of them have won medals and awards and have benefitted in terms of jobs through this forum.

Teachers-Guardian Scheme :

This is a scheme through which a group of students is assigned to a teacher and the teacher takes care of their difficulties on the campus. The teacher supervises the students development and tries to work as facilitator for him.

Career Development and Conselling Cell :

College is a place where the students start thinking about their career. This cell tries to prepare the students for different competitive and CET examination by taking them through proper guidance and well-designed tests.

College Magazine :

The college publishes “YASHASHRI” every year and the students interested in creative writing can contribute to this Magazine and get published their writings.


National Cadet Corps is a Central Government facility for those who are interested [ in creative writing can contribute to this Magazine and get published their writings ]in armed forces. The NCC is a preparatory training for the career in armed forces. A number of students have participated in the Republic Day parade through the unit of this college and have benefitted in securing jobs.


National Service Scheme. Important activity which is run by the college through which students get a good grounding in the awareness of social problems through field work. It is a good training in social work also.